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I'm a novice in XSL, so excuse me if my question is too easy.

Look at code

<table class="foot_table">
            <div id="open_all">
            <a href="/shop/showall">show all</a>
<div id="producers_footer">

So i have page showall.xsl. How can i connect xslt template with that page? Because now my page (showall) is empty. Can you show me some examples?

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Sorry George, but could you elaborate and clarify your question. I've absolutely no idea what's your problem. You're showing HTML and ask about XSLT - where's the connection? – Jan Feb 13 '13 at 15:55

Not exactly sure, but I think you are looking for a XSLT processor. An XSLT processor takes the source code (html in your case) and executes the showall.xslt on it and produces a new output.

Some references:

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thanks a lot. How can i understand what kind of xslt processor I'm using? – George Pirkulov Mar 4 '13 at 12:50

You can download a free copy of Visual Studio Express 2012 and process the xslt and xml in there.

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