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We are working on Mavenizing our java project and we would like to setup a clean separation between interfaces and implementations for each module. In order to do so, we want to split each module into two sub-modules one for interfaces and data objects used by them and another for implementations. For example:


The POMs of the modules will be configured such that no module depends on the impl sub-modules. This way no code from one module will be able to "see" implementation details of another module.

What we are having trouble with, is where to put our spring XMLs. In our project we automatically import spring XML files using wildcard import like

<import resource="classpath*:**/*-beans.xml"/>

This way the location of Spring XMLs doesn't really matter at runtime, as all the modules get loaded into the same class loader and, the strict one way dependency rules in the POMs don't apply.

However, during development we want the IDE - we use Intellij IDEA - to recognize implementation classes referenced from the spring XMLs. We also want IDEA to recognize beans defined in other modules.

If we put the spring XMLs in API sub-modules - they won't "see" the implementation classes in the impl sub-modules. If we put them in the impl sub-modules, their beans won't be "seen" from other modules. It is probably possible to configure the IDEA project to recognize spring XMLs from modules on which there is no dependency, but we prefer for our POMs to hold all the project structure information and not rely on IDEA project files.

We considered creating a third sub-module just to hold Spring XMLs (and perhaps hibernate xmls as well). For example:


The external modules will depend on both commons-api and commons-config and commons-config will depend on both commons-api and commons-impl, with the dependency on commons-impl marked as "provided" (to prevent transitive resolution).

This however seems like a complex and awkward solution and we feel that there must be a better - simpler way to achieve interface/impl separation with Maven and Spring.

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In short you want Idea to override maven dependency graph but avoid keeping this configuration in idea project files?

One option is to group implementation dependencies in a maven profile. This profile would not be enabled by default but you should be able to mark it as active under idea.

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I don't want to fully override the graph, I only want for Spring XML files to be visible across maven projects, where no dependency exists... –  dkarlinsky Feb 14 '13 at 15:27
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