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I have this in my form for state change (using simple_form gem).

<%= f.input :state, collection: [ ['bids', 'Bid'], ['in_progress', 'In Progress'], ['complete', 'Complete'] ], as: :radio_buttons, label_method: :last, value_method: :first %>

What I'd like to do as well is allow user to change this state in the show view after an 'job' is created with a simple drop-down:

So drop-down shows current state and if user clicks and selects a different state, the model is automatically updated. I would like to do this without a submit button - automatic submit - javascript, I suppose?

Do I need to make changes to my controller for (edit / update)? I'm not really sure where to start.

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You basically want to add a Javascript hook to the change event of that dropdown, grab the currently selected value, and do an AJAX POST to your controller. It's no different than any other update functionality you might implement in Rails.

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