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i am trying to use the %teamcity.build.checkoutDir% variable in my ant script to build a custom path to a file which gets passed as parameter to another program called via ant exec job.

<exec executable="${props.tools.vbpUpdater}" failonerror="true" >
        <arg line="-c${vbpConfigLocal} ${teamcity.agent.checkoutDir}/${vbpFile}" /> 

The format of the path seems to be off. What i get is :


What i expected is something like this

C:\\TeamCity\\buildAgent or C:/TeamCity/buildAgent

If i add a custom property to my build agent with the expected format (i did this for testing purposes only) everything works fine in my ant script.

best regards

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Have you tried ${teamcity.agent.checkoutDir}\${vbpFile} – Orn Kristjansson Feb 14 '13 at 15:08
Yes, but doesn't work either, today i'll try the <replace /> task from ant i read about over the weekend. – icywiener Feb 18 '13 at 8:14

You can use this instructions and create a build step (it should be the first one in queue) which would replace '/' with the values you need. And in further build step use this modified value.

I've done some similar things when integrating mercurial build number into build version

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