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We're running a big site and have Rails' default CookieStore in place now. We want to switch either to memcached or ActiveRecord stores for several reasons. I am trying to decide which is better.

In the bad old days, I recall we had to run "sweepers" from time to time to clear out expired sessions. I cannot find any reference to this in the docs and am optimistically thinking "it's magic!!" and Rails 3 removes expired sessions for us. Do we need to write a periodic task to clear expired sessions from the database?

I know it's bad form to ask two questions in one SO, but given that we have memcached running, I can't see any reason not to use it, instead (and it does automagically expire stuff). Any reason we shouldn't go straight to memcached for sessions?

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One thing to consider with memcached is that if for whatever reason you need to restart memcached no-ones sessions will persist after the reboot. – Tomdarkness Feb 13 '13 at 15:44

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