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In eclipse, if the cursor is over a word and you press ctrl + k you will jump to the next occurrence of that word in the file.

Is there a similar shortcut in IntelliJ?

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Find word at caret, default is Ctrl+F3, can be changed in File | Settings | Keymap:

Find word at caret

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This sort of works, but it doesn't wrap and it doesn't carry over to the next file. In eclipse its nicer: once you hit ctrl-K it caches the text, so even if you switch to another file when you hit ctrl-K again, it finds the occurrence there (and it wraps). Not that your answer is wrong, just would be nice if intellij would have the same behaviour. –  htrufan Nov 26 '14 at 9:52

You will need 2 Steps to archive a similar behavior:

Step 1:

Press Ctrl+F3 to start a search for the current selectet text (if no text is selected then the whole word will be taken).

Step 2:

Press F3 to jump to next occurrence or Shift+F3 to jump to the previous.

This approach will even continue the search for the text if you switch to another file. Just press F3 and you will jump to the next occurrence in the other file.

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