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I can't figure out why sorting will work as long as I'm not using $sort as a passed in parameter. Example below will work for sorting:

$sort = "quantity desc";

$sql = " with items as (
SELECT i.[item_id]
,isnull(r.awarded, 0) as awarded
  ORDER BY $sort
) rowNumber 
FROM [Intranet].[dbo].[Goodwell_Item] i
SELECT r.item_id
, COUNT(1) awarded 
from [Intranet].[dbo].[Goodwell_Reward] r
group by r.item_id
) as r
ON i.item_id = r.item_id
FROM items 
WHERE rowNumber BETWEEN (?) and (?)
and ( (?) = '' OR (available = (?)))

$params = array( $pagify['startFrom'], $end, $available, $available );

$stmt = sqlsrv_query( $conn, $sql, $params );

However if I change the line with ORDER BY to:


and add it to my $params like so:

$params = array($sort, $pagify['startFrom'], $end, $available, $available );

then the sort for some reason is being ignored.

Please tell me how to get the sort working in a way that doesn't allow SQL injection.

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