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I have a MVC3 page that has to dropdownList contains Sex(male,female) and Role(admin,Operator), in RegisterViewModel I have done like this :

  public List<SelectListItem> SelectedItemForSex { get; set; }
    public List<SelectListItem> SelectedItemForRole { get; set; }
    public string SearchText { get; set; }
    public string SelectedValue { get; set; }
    //public string SelectedValueForRole { get; set; }

public static RegisterViewModel Get()
    var model = new RegisterViewModel { SelectedItemForSex = new List<SelectListItem>() };
    model.SelectedItemForSex.Add(new SelectListItem() { Text = "Male", Value = "1" });
    model.SelectedItemForSex.Add(new SelectListItem() { Text = "Femle", Value = "2" });

    model.SelectedItemForRole.Add(new SelectListItem() {Text = "Administrator", Value = "1"});
    model.SelectedItemForRole.Add(new SelectListItem() {Text = "Operator", Value = "2"});

    return model;

and in get action of Register I have this code :

 public ActionResult Create()
            var model = RegisterViewModel.Get();
            return View(model);

and also in razor :

            @Html.LabelFor(register => register.Sex)
            @Html.DropDownListFor(register => register.SelectedValue, new SelectList(Model.SelectedItemForSex, "Value", "Text"))
            @Html.LabelFor(register => register.Role)
            @Html.DropDownListFor(register => register.SelectedValue, new SelectList(Model.SelectedItemForRole, "Value", "Text"))

I know I have Not initialize selectedListItem for Administrator and operator , I wanna to send all of this 4 value via Get() method, How can I do this ??

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your code looks fine from an off hand glance. Have you tried it? Are you getting errors? –  Dave Alperovich Feb 13 '13 at 15:44
yeah! , object reference not ...! and that is because I have not fill the Roll items in SelectedItemForRole , I just want to send all of the value via a Get method –  Eric Nielsen Feb 13 '13 at 15:48
Your Model population looks right. Please include your error and the top of your view (the @model ...) to show what model you are binding –  Dave Alperovich Feb 13 '13 at 15:54

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