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I'm wondering if something like this is possible...

class Thing
        public Thing(int i)

class DerivedThing : Thing
        public DerivedThing(int i)

_thing = new Thing(0)

_derivedthing  = new Thing(1)

If you pass 0 you get a Thing, if you pass 1 you get a DerivedThing This is not complete, just an illustration.. But basically I'm wondering if/how you could return different derived classes based on the value of a parameter passed to the baseclass constructor? Or do you just need another bit of code which decides which constructor to call?

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You're probably looking for some kind of Factory pattern. – Syjin Feb 13 '13 at 15:46
Why a base class? Why not a class factory of some sort? – Lloyd Feb 13 '13 at 15:47

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To answer your question: no, it is not possible. But...

You are actually looking for a Factory pattern. You can easily add a distinguishing if/case in a factory method and still have a relatively clean code.

Factory pattern description

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That is not possible.

Instead, you can make a static Thing Create(int i) method that decides which constructor to call.

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No, and why do you want to?

You may as well type

var thing = new Thing();

var derivedThing = new DerivedThing();

You could something like,

public static class ThingFactory
    public interface IThing {}

    public enum ThingType

    public static IThing CreateThing(ThingType type)
            case ThingType.DerivedThing:
                return new DerivedThing();

                return new Thing();

    private class Thing : IThing {}

    private class DerivedThing : Thing {}


var thing = ThingFactory.CreateThing(ThingType.Thing);

var derivedThing = ThingFactory.CreateThing(ThingType.DerivedThing);
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