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In Python one can use the 'pass' statement to do nothing:

if true:

Is there a similar statement in coffeescript? I'm trying to do a switch statement and do nothing if certain conditions are met.

switch variable:
  when 5 then pass
  else do variable
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Unlike in Python, empty blocks are (usually) valid in CoffeeScript. So you can simply use:

switch variable:
  when 5 then

Note that without the then it won't compile, which I find a bit odd. This works pretty generally, though:

if x
else if y

is perfectly valid CoffeeScript.

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It may be valid, but it seems a bit unclear to read. –  7yl4r Oct 7 '14 at 16:13

i'm a happy user of

switch x
  when 1
  when 2
   y = 3
   y = 4

since null is already in the language and does semantically transport that meaning of 'nothing'.

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This is my favorite answer, but I wonder if using ; would be (a very tiny bit) more efficient than null? –  7yl4r Oct 7 '14 at 16:16

I always use a semicolon for this:

switch variable
  when 5 then ;
  else do variable

This is because in javascript, a semicolon is a valid statement which also happens to do nothing.

Update: I just thought of another interesting way of doing this. You could define pass as a global variable and set it to undefined:

window.pass = undefined

switch variable
  when 5 then pass
  else do variable

The only thing you have to watch out for is using pass as a local variable or redefining the global pass variable. That would break your code.

If you use Google's closure compiler, you could annotate this variable so that it is a constant:

`/** @const */ var pass;`

But then it would have to go at the beginning of each file. You could write your own preprocessor to do that automatically, though.

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Because every expression has a value in CoffeeScript, a pass keyword, if it existed, would be equivalent to the value undefined. So, you could define

pass = undefined

and then use pass just like in Python:

switch variable
   when 5
     do variable
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This makes sense to me in coffeescript:

switch variable
    when "a" then doSomething()
    when "b" then break

This compiles to the following js:

switch (variable) {
    case "a":
    case "b":

Note: You shouldn't use null like @flow suggests, because it inserts an unnecessary statement like this

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this works well with switch statements, but doesn't fully fill in for pass because it can't be used in an if/else like pass can. –  7yl4r Oct 7 '14 at 16:10

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