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I'm working in Vs2010 c++ with 2D arrays. I started off with a 1D pointer and used the operation [] as the following:

class CMatrix
    void clear();
    int nRows;
    int nCols;
    short * MyMat;

    CMatrix(int r,int c);

    void SetMatrix(int r,int c);
    short * operator[] (const int row)
        return MyMat + (row*nCols);

I don't mind to change to 2D pointer.

However my problem is with debug. Because I'm using pointers I can't see the arrays content.

Are there any another options ?

I prefer not to use vector.

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Here is one take on a 2D array – andre Feb 13 '13 at 16:10
Here are more relevant links:… and… – Ami DATA Feb 14 '13 at 8:06

One way is to use use the Memory viewer. While debugging ( when stoped at a Breakpoint ), goto the menu Debug > Windows > Memory > Memory 1 to get the memory viewer. Then type-in the memory address ( copy paste the value from your pointer ) so that you can view the memory around that area of your program memory.

When you right click on memory viewer you can choose how you want to view the data ( as ANSI , as 4 integers, as 2 byte integers , as floats , bla bla... )

Also you can use the Watch window at the debug time. just use your pointer as an array ( e.g. if your pointer is char * t, the syntax t[0] will give your data pointed by the pointer t

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In the QuickWatch window, you can type the name of the pointer variable followed by a comma and the number of array indices you want to view, e.g. MyMat, 10.

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