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I took a running app and bumped it up to 4.1. (API 16). When run it crashes at a JSoup task. When debugged, it hits the old issue stated in the title of this question - a "Source not found" error pointing to libs\jsoup-1.7.1.jar as the problem. I Have read much and tried to implement the 'official' fix for this issue, but evidently the 'touch' cmd won't work in my case - I'm not sure why. I'm not clear on how to create the companion propeties file otherwise. For example, can I just save a text file in the appropriate place? I need the dummies book version...

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So, I tried to implement my understanding of the fix: made a text file with what I think is the src path for jsoup-1.7.1.jar, named it jsoup-1.7.1.jar.properties and saved it in the same workspace folder beside the original jar- to no avail. Hmmm...I'm trying... –  user1839523 Feb 13 '13 at 17:12
This properties file is just for eclipse to see the source/javadoc - your problem is other - you gave to add the libs\jsoup-1.7.1.jar to your classpath - post your setup... –  Mr_and_Mrs_D Sep 25 '13 at 17:35

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