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So I am using the Datatables plugin (http://datatables.net/) to sort data within my tables.

The data I have stored includes numbers (22.34), currency ($223,400) and formatted numbers (233,623). There is a section on the website for sorting plugins (http://datatables.net/plug-ins/sorting).

I have spent the last 2 hours attempting to get this to work but keep getting errors no matter what I try.

Here is my code:

Included is the following script:

<script src="assets/js/dataTables.plugins.js"></script> 

Which contains the following:

jQuery.extend( jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oSort, {
"formatted-num-pre": function ( a ) {
    a = (a==="-") ? 0 : a.replace( /[^\d\-\.]/g, "" );
    return parseFloat( a );

"formatted-num-asc": function ( a, b ) {
    return a - b;

"formatted-num-desc": function ( a, b ) {
    return b - a;
} );

Then the main code:

    $(document).ready(function() {

     var oTable = $('#sample_1').dataTable( {
            "sDom": "<'row-fluid'<'span4'l><'span4 tbl_time_frame'><'span4'f>r>t<'row-fluid'<'span4'i><'span4'><'span4'p>>",
            "sPaginationType": "bootstrap",
            "aoColumns": [
               { "sType": "numeric"  },
               { "sType": "formatted-num"},
               { "sType": "numeric"},
            "oLanguage": {
                "sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ records per page",
                "oPaginate": {
                    "sPrevious": "Prev",
                    "sNext": "Next"
            "fnInitComplete": jQuery('.tooltips').tooltip()

I have the following error on page load:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'oSort' of undefined 

Then when I click on the third row I get the following errors alternately:

Uncaught TypeError: Property 'formatted-num-asc' of object #<Object> is not a function jquery.dataTables.js:4038
Uncaught TypeError: Property 'formatted-num-desc' of object #<Object> is not a function 

Can anyone help?


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The problem was to do with the order in which the files were included. I changed this and it solved the issue.

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