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Hi i have more than 1000 users of my site.I want to send a newsletter to them but before that i want to test it for only one user , is it possible to send it to the particular cuastomer for test.

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Go to /app/code/Mage/Newsletter/Model/Queue.php (or the file that is overriding that model)

Modify the method getSubscribersCollection() around line 126 to:

$this->_subscribersCollection = Mage::getResourceModel('newsletter/subscriber_collection')
                ->addFieldToFilter('subscriber_email', 'your-test@email.com')

The newsletter will be sent only to the 'your-test@email.com' user

You can manually run the newsletter queue by opening www.yoursite.com/index.php/admin/newsletter_queue/sending (you might have to disable the secret key in URLs in the admin panel)

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You should never edit core files. Override a core file, but never advise anyone to edit a core file. –  Dom Feb 27 at 12:21

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