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I have a problem with my current architecture.

I have the following architecture:

enter image description here

API (rest): Grails Application  

"App-2":  Grails Application (use Http Builder)  

Both applications (API & App-2) use the CAS server for authentication, so I installed the

plugin "Spring-security-cas1.0.5" in both applications.  

Both applications are authenticated on the CAS but they do not have the same session as each

application generates its own JSESSIONID.  

I tried to intercept the Api jsessionid from the "App-2"  and send it in the header of each

request, but it did not work.  

Any ideas or suggestions, please?

Many  Thanks

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Use something like Terracotta for web sessions. – Gregg Feb 13 '13 at 17:16
Can you explain why you want them to have the same session Id. And perhaps clarify what you're trying to do overall? – Luke Taylor Feb 13 '13 at 17:35
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The problem occurred when we added the @Secured(['ROLE_USER']) on the controller application Rest.

If we want to get to the API through http builder from the application 2. There will be a rediraction to CAS authentifcation page.

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