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I build something using Canvas and the Rafaël library, where I need a rotation of an element (path or image). You can drag the bottom right circle and the arm will extend appropriately.

It should work with older browser where Canvas is not supported, so CSS rotations came up. Does it make any sense to rebuild this Canvas thing using position: absolute img elements, jQuery and CSS rotations as a fall-back?

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It's a good idea when creating a project like this to determine what each browser can and can't do. Start with a base project that is compatible across all the browsers then build up. It's the idea of progressive enhancement. To help with identifying what browsers support what features, you may want to look into modernizr. It uses feature detection and provides for a way of adding support with polyfills using yepnope.js to browsers that don't support a particular feature. –  War10ck Feb 13 '13 at 17:51

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You can check the support status here:



Quickly, looks like canvas is more supported than CSS3 transforms needed for rotation. So I think your idea might not work.

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