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my calendar has readOnlyInput="false" , hence the user can enter wrong dates such as 13/13/2013.

is there a way to regexValidate my date in case the user prefers to type the date instead of using the datePicker popup ?

<p:calendar id="birthDate" size="22" locale="#{view.locale}"
                            maxdate="#{userCreationBean.maxDate}" navigator="true"
                            yearRange="c-100" readOnlyInput="false"
                            mindate="01/01/1900" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"
                            style="left: 194px !important;"

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The <f:validateRegex> validator works on String input values only, not on Date input values and is therefore insuitable for the purpose you had in mind.

Rather use the <f:convertDateTime> converter.

<p:calendar ...>
    <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" />

It's by default non-lenient and will thus throw a converter exception when an invalid date is entered. You can if necessary customize the converter message by converterMessage attribute on the input component.

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Hi @BalusC but this pattern allows date in format of '12/12/2013123', because the year is a valid one. But is there any thing which accepts only 4 numbers in year also. –  09Q71AO534 Dec 6 '13 at 11:12

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