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I'm trying to do some OOP along with Smarty. When i put, for example


in a construct function, everything works. However, when I put this code in a function and call the function in the construct, nothing happens.

Is there a solution so I can use the code in a function and then call it in a function?

init.php code:

class init{
    public function __construct(){

    $smarty = new Smarty();


    //check url

    if(isset($_REQUEST['params']) && $_REQUEST['params']!=''){
        $aParams = explode('/', $_REQUEST['params']);
        print_r ($aParams);
        if(isset($aParams[0])) $this->lang = $aParams[0];
        if(isset($aParams[1])) $this->page = $aParams[1];

    if(!$this->lang) $this->lang = 'nl';
    if(!$this->page) $this->page = 'home';




function buildPage(){
    require_once('modules/' . $this->page . '/' . $this->page . '.php');
    if($this->page == 'home') new home($this->lang, $this->page, $this->action, $this->id, $this->message);
    else if($this->page == 'contact') new contact($this->lang, $this->page, $this->action, $this->id, $this->message);


function buildHeader_Footer(){


Index.php code:


require_once ('modules/init/init.php'); 
$init = new init();
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Update (after question has changed)

It seems that you expect that the $smarty variable is accessible from all class method after creation in constructor. That's wrong. A class variable has the be accessed using $this inside the class. So you would have to write:

$this->smarty-> ...

whenever using it.

I cannot say what exactly is the problem with your solution as the posted code is incomplete. But what you are trying to do should work.

As an example, I would have a class like this:

class SimpleView {

     * Note that smarty is an instance var. This means that var
     * is only available via `$this` in the class scope
    protected $smarty;

     * Constructor will be called if write 'new SimpleView()'
    public function __construct(){
        // note $this
        $this->smarty = new Smarty();

     * The build function is public. It can be called from 
     * outside of the class
    public function build(){

and use it like this:

$view = new SimpleView();
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I edited the code. I tried to make the changes as you suggested but it didn't seem to work. –  Axll Feb 13 '13 at 18:38
I see no class construct in your code. Also, as I told: note the $this. –  hek2mgl Feb 13 '13 at 18:40
Forgot to copy that with the last edit. I'll try to add the $this –  Axll Feb 13 '13 at 18:46
I just tried to add $this but it only gives an error and nothing is displayed on the page. –  Axll Feb 13 '13 at 18:54
Learn howto display errors –  hek2mgl Feb 13 '13 at 19:34

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