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I'm using the Window.URL.createObjectURL function to generate a blob url for a local video file, which I then use to set the source of a <video> element. This loads the video when the URL is first constructed, and everything works well. But when the web page is reloaded, the generated URL is no longer valid -- the browser automatically revokes the generated URL.

My question: Is there a way to determine if this Blob URL has actually been revoked? In other words, how do I determine if I can still use this Blob url using javascript, jquery, or whatever options are out there?

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I came up with a simple solution, which works... albeit, probably isn't ideal.

Basically, I take the url, set the <video> src to that url, and then attach a jquery error event handler to it. If the error event is called (which it is, if the blob url has been revoked) I then prompt the user to reselect their video file.

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