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Is there a way to display the path of the solution in the Visual Studio window's name?

By default it displays (SolutionName) - Microsoft Visual Studio, I would like it to instead show something like (SolutionName) - (PathToSolution) - Microsoft Visual Studio.

The reason behind this is I can have multiple versions of a project checked out at a time (staging and trunk for example) and I'd like a quick way of checking without going through prompts etc.

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A good way of differential between trunk, staging, branches is to rename the solution file itself. For instance, when you work on a branch, rename the the solution file to branch and then you can always look at your title bare in Visual Studio to see what version you are working on.

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I don't think there is. My ways to deal with this:

  • order of icons in taskbar (Do you know Taskbar Shuffle?)
  • the path of any currently open file in editor (hover mouse over tab) usually shows which working copy the solution is from
  • the solution's property windows (for me, Ctrl+Shift+L opens the solution window, Pos1 marks the solution, Alt+Enter opens the property window)
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You could use the WinSetTitle command of AutoHotkey to set the title of any window.

So technically you could make a script to open a new instance of VS2008, load a specified solution, and set the window's title accordingly.

(however I don't know if VS2008 might reset the window title after some operation...)

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