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I would like to select all b where c2attr > 5 on c2 = text2. In Xpath, I wrote:

a/b[c2 = text2 and c2attr >5]

However, it did not give me the condition that both satisfy when c2=text2, c2attr >5. It gave me every c2 element which has c2attr >5. How should I write to correctly select

for example:

        <c1>c1 text</c1>
        <c2 c2attr="3">text1</c2>
        <c2 c2attr="8">tex2</c2>
        <c2 c2attr="50">text3</c2>
        <c1>c1 text</b1>
        <c2 c2attr="1">text4</c2>
        <c2 c2attr="6">tex2</c2>
        <c2 c2attr="10">text1</c2>

Thank you very much!

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You need to change c2 = text2 to c2 = 'text2' since you're comparing strings, and add the attribute specifier @ for c2attr like so:

a/b[c2[text() = 'tex2'  and @c2attr > 5]]

Also, your XML is invalid, not sure if typo but you have a <c1> node closed with <b1>, and it also does not contain text with "text2", it's missing the last 't' there.

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