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I need to add several extra fields to an existing openERP module, i red somewhere else that i need to do it through the menus

First create the fields using Configuration -> Customization -> Database Structure -> Fields

but i cant find that options or do i need to install something else so i have that functionality?

I also checked under the admin the techincal features, but nothing.

i have seen several post and other users directly add code thanks!

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Are you using opernerp 7?

Then you can add fields menu:

Settings -> Technical -> Database Structure -> Fields

You have to give rights to user, so add group Technical Features to user.


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  1. Add the field in the DB structure. Settings -> Technical -> Database Structure -> Fields
  2. Add the field in the view Settings -> Technical -> User Interface -> Views
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In 7.0 you can find fields,

go to

Settings -> Technical ->  Database Structure -> Fields.


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