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The following template shows the DataGridCell content correctly, when it is specified as the ControlTemplate of a single DataGridCell (found after a Click event):

<DataTemplate x:Key="gridCellTemplate">
  <Border BorderBrush="RoyalBlue"
    <ContentPresenter Content="{Binding}"
                      Margin="2,2,2,2" />

However, if I use this template as the ControlTemplate in a style targeting the DataGridCell type, and use that style as the CellStyle of a DataGridColumn, the column cells' contents show up as DataRowView, meaning that the cells could not extract their proper contents from the matching element of the ItemArray.

Anyone knows how to set the Binding correctly for the ContentPresenter?

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I just made some progress. Recalling some other answers on this site, I set the binding path to one of the column names in the DataTable currently showing in DataGrid. That did cause all the cells in the column show the elements in the named table column. In other words, I need to pass the column name to the template (but how?), or go through the hoops of dynamically creating a DataGridTemplateColumn (which I would like to avoid). – Hurol Aslan Feb 13 '13 at 19:43

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