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I need help with toggling my radio buttons. Whenever I click one of them it opens up like its suppose to, but when I choose a different one, it doesn't close. I only want one open at a time. Any help is much appreciated - thanks!

Here's the code:

jQuery('.selectDiv3').click(function() {jQuery('#div3')[ (jQuery(this).val() == 'NW WI') ? 'slideDown' : 'slideUp']()});

jQuery('.selectDiv4').click(function() {jQuery('#div4')[ (jQuery(this).val() == 'SE MN') ? 'slideDown' : 'slideUp']()});

jQuery('.selectDiv5').click(function() {jQuery('#div5')[ (jQuery(this).val() == 'SW MN') ? 'slideDown' : 'slideUp']()});

jQuery('.selectDiv6').click(function() {jQuery('#div6')[ (jQuery(this).val() == 'SE WI') ? 'slideDown' : 'slideUp']()});
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Your click handlers need the ability to close all other divs. So something like this:

jQuery('.selectDiv3').click(function() {
    jQuery('.commonDivClass').slideUp(); // <-- this line
    jQuery('#div3')[ (jQuery(this).val() == 'NW WI')
        ? 'slideDown'
        : 'slideUp']();

So you add a class to all your divs (e.g. #3-6) and indiscriminately slide them up before sliding down the correct one.

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Worked! Dude, thanks so much - you're the man! –  Shapada Feb 13 '13 at 19:27

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