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I'm using caliburn micro in a wpf app in which I have a list and detail viewmodels and their views side by side. Select an item from the list on the left and see the detail on the right in the detail vm.

If the detail IsDirty (changed, not saved) and they select a new item from the list, I want to notify the user of that fact. I have that working fine. But if the user clicks "no" to stay on their dirty item, I want the list view to stay on their current item. Here's what I have so far:


    Private _selectedItem As Library.VEntityStatusInfo
    Public Property SelectedItem As Library.VEntityStatusInfo
            Return _selectedItem
        End Get
        Set(value As Library.VEntityStatusInfo)
            Events.Publish(New SelectionChangingEvent With {.Sender = Me,
                                                            .Identification = value.Identification,
                                                            .Callback = Sub(id As Integer)
                                                                            _selectedItem = (From m In Model Where m.Identification = id).FirstOrDefault
                                                                            NotifyOfPropertyChange(Function() SelectedItem)
                                                                        End Sub})
        End Set
    End Property


Public Sub Handle(message As SelectionChangingEvent) Implements IHandle(Of SelectionChangingEvent).Handle
    If TryCast(message.Sender, EntityList.EntityListViewModel) Is Nothing Then Return

    If Me.Model Is Nothing OrElse Me.Model.Identification <> message.Identification Then
        CanChange(message.Identification, message.Callback)
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub CanChange(identification As Integer, eventCallback As System.Action(Of Integer))
    If Me.Model IsNot Nothing AndAlso Me.Model.IsDirty Then
            "You have unsaved data.  Are you sure you want to change employee's?  All changes will be lost.",
            "Unsaved Changes",
                If box.WasSelected(MessageBoxOptions.Yes) Then
                    If String.IsNullOrEmpty(identification) Then
                        Me.Model = Nothing
                        BeginRefresh("GetByIdentificationAsync", identification)
                    End If
                End If
            End Sub)
        BeginRefresh("GetByIdentificationAsync", identification)
    End If
End Sub

SelectedItem is bound to the ListBox SelectedItem and that works properly. When I put breakpoints in each step, they were all hit, including the property Get after NotifyOfPropertyChanged. But the UI fails to update.

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