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I had found this post on the site for adding UIImage to the MKMapView but this is in the objective-c. can any body help how can we use it on the monotouch by c# ?


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I recommand you to view this screencast from Xamarin about "Developing iOS Map Applications with C#".
It doesn't cover the custom MKOverlayView drawing part because it's exactly as creating a custom view and overriding it's drawing routine.
But it does explain you how and why you have to endup here..

Basically, you have to

  • create a custom MKImageOverlay object (subclassing MKOverlay)
  • create a custom MKImageOverlayView object (subclassing MKOverlayView) that will handle the actual image drawing methods (like any view drawing overriding using CoreGraphics)
  • add your custom MKImageOverlay to the map with MKMapView.addOverlay() method
  • provide a MKMapViewDelegate to the map that will handle your custom MKImageOverlay by overriding GetViewForOverlay and returning your custom MKImageOverlayView

You could look at this SO post here too : MonoTouch Mapkit image overlay


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