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I have the following string in python, which is then rendered in a template with Django.

link_string = '<a href="/search/?q=%23%s"> %s </a>'

It is a link to a search url where %23 is '#', because I'm trying to search objects with #hashtag.

I intend to interpolate this string with 2 values, %s after the %23 and another one:

link_href = link_string % ('hashtag_value', 'Link Name')

What would be the proper way to obtain the following final string:

<a href="/search/?q=%23hashtag_value"> Link Name </a>

Thank you very much

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Do you absolutely have to urlencode the pound sign? –  Makoto Feb 13 '13 at 19:46

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link_string = '<a href="/search/?q=%%23%s"> %s </a>'
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% is escaped using double percent %%.

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Just type % character twice

link_string = '<a href="/search/?q=%%23%s"> %s </a>'
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