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I found some strange bugs trying to make a script to count reloads with session.

My script should count the times that a person reload the page, and when the count is five the count should return to one. Here is the code:

$_SESSION['counter']++ ;    

if ($_SESSION['counter'] >= 5 || $_SESSION['counter'] == 0){
$_SESSION['counter'] = 1;

    echo $_SESSION['counter'];

This works well in a hosting account that I have but has stranges bugs in wamp and in another linux hosting. The two bugs are:

  • Each reload sums two at the counter and not just one. example, it is 1 and when you reload it show 3.
  • Sometimes it echos the number 5, but this should be impossible, because it has a if that states if its 5 or more then the counter should return to 1.

I tried using session_destroy(), using quotes to specific variables values, but no success and I dont know why. Someone knows how I can do this with no errors at all?

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Where is session_start();? –  nickb Feb 13 '13 at 19:54
also make sure $_SESSION['counter'] is actually an int. ex: if (!isset($_SESSION['counter'])) { $_SESSION['counter'] = 0; } –  Martin Samson Feb 13 '13 at 20:04

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Do you have a RewriteRule or anything that might be redirecting all requests to a main file or front controller?

Because if so, keep in mind that all browsers will make a request to /favicon.ico. Your shared web host may have that redirected by default (if the file doesn't exist for you) to a default one. But it may be hitting your script on your local installation.

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