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Having looked through the Word help and online resources about customising bibliographies in Microsoft Word, and finding several posts on customising the 'style' and XSL transformation 'layout' of bibliography source templates, I am sure, given the dynamic functionality provided in this area that it must be possible to create custom source templates, however I have been unable to find any information in this area.

What am I trying to do: I have a design document template that I use for software projects. Within this template I list all my internal document references in a table which are typically stored in source control (SourceSafe at present). This is essentially a make-shift bibliography and I would like to implement the use of bibliography references so I can add simple references (e.g. "....Based on the examples of formatted data we have received[1]....").

I have found the provided source templates are unable to hold, or display the information I require, and would therefore like to make a custom source template. Does anyone know if this can be done? And if so, where I would find specific resource for this?

Thanks for your time.

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The file bibform.xml is located in the Word Folder:

Go to \\bibliography\bibform.xml (try replacing LCID with 1033).

NOTE: You will also have to edit the bibliography style to recognize the new type and format it however you want.

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