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We are calling a .NET web service from our oracle database using the sys.utl_http package. We have also tested with the sys.utl_dbws package.

This works fine when there is no security on the .NET web service. However, we would like to use sys.utl_http or sys.utl_dbws to call a .NET web service with Kerberos or NTLM authentication.

We're currently struggling with this. Any hints on how to solve it?

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Did you get it done?

I havent seen that done in PL/SQL. I guess it could be done with utl_tcp ...

If you are on Unix, have you tried a Java Callout Oracle Examples avaliable here There are commercial and opensource "SPNEGO" utilities that you can use from Java, for examle see SPNEGO SourceForge project

On windows you can use a Oracle Database Extensions for .NET

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See this page for NTLM support in a pure PL/SQL solution:


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