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I need to rebuild template_map during module bootstrap executing. Why I need it? I have several layouts for one module. These layouts are stored in "themes" folder and selecting of the layout depends on global application config. So, I have application_config.ini with:

application.theme = 'default'

then, I have module.config.php with

'view_manager' => array(
    'display_not_found_reason' => true,
    'display_exceptions'       => true,
    'doctype'                  => 'HTML5',
    'not_found_template'       => 'error/404',
    'exception_template'       => 'error/index',
    'template_map' => array(
        'layout/layout'           => __DIR__ . '/../view/themes/%THEME%/layout/default.twig',
        'error/404'               => __DIR__ . '/../view/themes/%THEME%/error/404.phtml',
        'error/index'             => __DIR__ . '/../view/themes/%THEME%/error/index.phtml',
    'template_path_stack' => array(
        __DIR__ . '/../view/themes',

%THEME% value must be taken from the global application configuration (application.theme value)

What I need:

Option 1. Is it possible to set %THEME% value just in module config (how can I read application config within module config)?

Option 2. Is it possible to change module config before rendering (from module bootstrap, for example) - change template_map values according to the theme value?

Important: I can't fill template_map with all possible template options. Themes folder will be absolutly independent and to add new theme webmaster will have to create new layout set in themes folder and change application.theme value in application ini file.

UPDATE: I don't think that application ini file reading within module.config.php is a good idea also.

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Did you consider handling this in some logic that you define in service 'Zend\View\Resolver\AggregateResolver'? I do it in github.com/Ocramius/OcraCachedViewResolver –  Ocramius Feb 13 '13 at 20:56
I will think about it, thanks. So, you think using view resolver in my case will be the best option? –  Sergii Feb 14 '13 at 16:08
I think so. The Resolver would allow any extending module to re-define things. –  Ocramius Feb 14 '13 at 16:59

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