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Is it possible to use js-ctypes to call a Windows DLL and have it return a nsISupports instance? The Windows DLL does XPCOMGlue, but by not needing NSModule I hope I can improve the registration process. I was hoping there was a ctypes.nsISupports type defined to use as return value, so if it's possible, how do I declare the call?

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From my reading and experimentation, no, it doesn't look like you can. However, you could do the next best thing.

1. Create a win32 DLL exporting plain "C" symbols.

2. Create a "wrapper" XPCom component using JavaScript.


3. Plumb each plain "C" function exported by the DLL into the JavaScript object.

Possible improvement: create a generic JavaScript shim that does the plumbing automatically.

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I was trying to look into this, but haven't got my javascript component in order yet... As I agree this will create a working set-up, I'll accept your answer. –  Stijn Sanders Aug 29 '13 at 20:10
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