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I would like to create charts similar to Google Analytics which allow you to aggregate data by day, week, month...

As an example, the following chart data displays daily data for a month:

enter image description here

And by clicking 'Week', the chart aggregates the data points into weeks:

enter image description here

The closest I can find is the Ruby library Timeslicer, https://github.com/Trimeego/timeslicer . Is there something similar in Javascript or a Flot plugin out there?

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Have you with tried http://www.jqplot.com/ ?

It is easy to use... but if you use MVC I would use the Char built in object. Anyway, I hope this can help you!

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Hi, Could you point me to a demo using jqplot which accomplishes the same goal? Thanks. –  ChaimKut Feb 13 '13 at 21:50

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