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I keep getting the following error when running bundle

Error Bundler::HTTPError during request to dependency API

Is this a rubygems issue or something else?

Also, I have read that adding

source "http://bundler-api.herokuapp.com"

in your Gemfile. Will fix this problem. So are the gems being fetching from heroku and not rubygems in this method? How safe and stable is this?

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This is solely(most definitely) underlying internet connection issue. Also this URL smells like phishing one. –  Anton Feb 13 '13 at 21:10

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This error could indicate that your connection to the internet was broken.

About the parameter to the method source in your Gemfile, I don't know nothing about that, but the url doesn't work, I recommend you avoid that. If you don't want to use a specific or particular repository to download your gems, you should use the "default" source "http://rubygems.org" instruction.

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I waited a bit, and finally got it to work. Thanks for the default source: rubygems that makes sense. –  MartyMcFly Feb 13 '13 at 21:39

The answer to your question is here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rubygems-org/aBHBOCgH6UE/1p_Kde3BlGgJ

From what the author of that post says, the error is innocuous.

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For me, changing the source in my Gemfile to the non-HTTPS URL worked:


Probably not ideal, but something with https isn't working at my location today.

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I don't think it is rubygems issue.

Check for these things:

1.Use the Source in Gemfile as https://rubygems.org.

2.Your Internet connection is not broken.(Sometimes,it happens because of that.)

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