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I have a function that takes an x and y value, and, using a tables rows and columns, finds the given cell. JQuery:

function changeNum(x,y,num)
    var thisRow = $(".sudoku:nth-child("+y+")");
    var thisCell = $(thisRow+":nth-child("+x+")");

Something in the thisCell declaration is causing the javascript to stop.

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thisRow is a jQuery set, not a string. Use this :

var thisCell = $(":nth-child("+x+")", thisRow);

You might also directly use

var thisCell = $(".sudoku:nth-child("+y+") :nth-child("+x+")");

Note that if sudoku is the class of the table and not the class of the row, then you'd need a space between .sudoku and :nth-child.

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try lead with ""+

var thisCell = $(""+thisRow+":nth-child("+x+")");

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