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I know I can use isnan to check for individual elements, such as

for i=1:m
    for j=1:n
        if isnan(A(i,j))
            do something

However, instead what I want to do is

 if any(isnan(A))
      do something

When I tried to do this, it doesn't go into the argument because it is considered false. If I just type any(isnan(A)), I just get 1 0 1. So how do I do this?

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Since A was a matrix, isnan(A) is also a matrix and any(isnan(A)) is a vector, whereas the if statement really wants a scalar input. Using the (:) notation flattens A into a vector, regardless of the initial size.

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Thank you, this solved the issue –  Niseonna Feb 13 '13 at 20:45

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