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I have a list of photo links and would like to generate img tags with clojure and noir.

Here I get the links:

(def photos
(->> (get-in result ["photoset" "photo"]) (map #(str "http://farm"(get % "farm")
""(get % "server")"/"(get % "id")"_"(get % "secret")"_b.jpg"))))



And then I try to generate img tags from that list:

(defpage "/" []
 (doseq [e photos] (prn e))

  (calls (defpartial layout [& content] ...)

I'm trying to get the following output for each link in for a noir based site:

[:img {:src "url"}]

I was trying out this one but without success:

(doseq [e photos] ([:img {:src e}]))

How can I pass the links to the layout so that it generates img tags?


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Either of these should work:

(map #(vector :img {:src %}) photos)

(for [url photos]
  [:img {:src url}])

Edit: As Chuck mentioned, doseq is for side-effects. You are wanting to "collect" the results and send them to the template. To do this you need to use list comprehension like for or just map over your collection.

I hate to rain on your parade but just so you know, noir has been deprecated

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In other words, Blame's mistakes were 1) using doseq instead of for (doseq is for when you don't care about the return value), and 2) putting parens around the vector (you're not trying to call it). – Chuck Feb 13 '13 at 20:47

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