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I've got an eventcalendar, and when you click on a day it loads the daily program. But it does not fade in. The page has three divs, because the calendar shows only the actual, the previous and the next month. (div1 - prev, div2 - actual, div3 - next) but only one is visible at a time. It loads the content perfectly but not with fade. Any idea?



         $("#p_div1").load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );
         $("#p_div2").load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );
         $("#p_div3").load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );    
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My guess would be that the value of this isn't correct when the callback gets executed. I would check that first. – Justin Chmura Feb 13 '13 at 20:42
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         $("#p_div1").hide().load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );
         $("#p_div2").hide().load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );
         $("#p_div3").hide().load("none.txt", {}, function(){ $(this).fadeIn("700");}    );    

.load() gets a callback function that is executed when request completes. In order to successfully .fadeIn() the content you should first hide the container, load the content and finally execute the .fadeIn() function.

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Thanks a lot! :) Silly me... :D – DanielDioszegi Feb 18 '13 at 15:09

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