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While I've done some data analytics projects before, I've recently taken up data collection and visualization as a hobby. I have several side projects that involve gather data from various web APIs at regular intervals (some on the order of seconds, others on the order of hours) for long periods of time (months).

There are several options for hosting these scripts:

  1. I could do a Python wait-and-run script left running on my university's servers; as long as I kept my bandwidth low, this would be acceptable; I'd just have to copy the data over to another drive every week or so in order to not reach my storage cap.
  2. I could run it on my own machine and just leave it on (less desirable).
  3. I have access to a GoDaddy shared hosting server, but their support is lacking with my current plan.
  4. I suppose it could run on Google AppEngine, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know of any other services that would allow me to keep a data collection system running, or have any ideas as to a best approach?

One caveat: the solution must work without spending any extra money.

Thanks for any help and ideas you guys can provide!

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just one thing - don't go for Google AppEngine, their free plan is useless and prices are just horrible –  rostamn739 Feb 13 '13 at 20:43
Web scraping is not data mining (= advanced statistical analysis of data, not the collection). –  Anony-Mousse Feb 13 '13 at 22:51

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I would use cloud servers for this, prices are getting lower and they usually run in a well supported infrastructures with great bandwidth. Amazon has a free cloud instance for one year lets you take it for a spin.


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If your resources requirements are low you can use Amazon Free Tier for a year for free. It gives you micro instance, 1 GB outgoing traffic and free incoming which should make it for crawling.

Another option could be UltiCloud, which gives 256MB instances for free (up to 10) without time limits (even though they are called trial). Incoming traffic is also free, which is nice match for crawling.

Many providers give also generous tial credit (OpSource $200, GoGrid $100, Atlantic.net $15), which you can use to host your script for some time.

You can also check other cloud provider prices at http://www.cloudorado.com/ . Transfer parameter, which might be important for you, is expandable below main sliders.

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