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I use codeigniter to cake my webapps, but i'm boring to create always "CRUD" operations (form, controller, model, database). Do you know a great tool to generate CRUD operations ? (like RoR ?).

Thank's !

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I created a library for that reason, because creating CRUD operations is boring and frustrating.

Sparks version:


With this sparks you can do the following:

Sangar-scaffolds creates the tables on the database, the controllers, the models and the views.

It also modifies the routes.php file.

You can create forms with the followings elements:
- text
- textarea
- radiobuttons
- checkboxes
- select
- select 1:N (populate the form select with a existent Model)
- upload images (with thumbnail creation and uploads rules)
- upload files (with uploads rules)
- hidden relational (It's a special element. Only one hidden relational by scaffolding is allowed. It will produce a form with relation 1:N linked with his parent form automatically. Belongs_to relation )

Each element has validation rules and the possibility to do it multilanguage.

Create also a paginated list view.

Codeigniter Starter Project

I created a Codeigniter Starter Project, because configure a new project is also boring . It has the basic that I think that need a new codeigniter project and the crud generator has more features than the Sparks version. I use it daily. Take a look at Github

Custom Codeigniter with preinstalled features:


It´s in continous development, bugs alerts and improvements are welcome.


Sparks installed (
Sangar Auth Library. (Ion-Auth modified for me working under PHP-activerecord)
Sangar Scaffolding Library. A new way to do scaffolding!
Php-ActiveRecord installed ( Version Nightly build May 2012
Backend & Full Access Control (login, logout, remember password, and protected access to the backend)
Template Library by Phil Sturgeon implemented (
Basic layout (frontend, backend)
Toast Unit test (
Includes basic before_filter and after_filter support (Matthew Machuga)
System Messages implemented as a partial in layouts
Folder for public content (images, js, uploads, ...)
Subdomains for multi-language
Translation on 3 languages (english, spanish, catalan)
Methods for translate controllers and methods names on URL
CRUD Users implemented.
Example: CRUD Categories. Categories as a tree of categories (with order via ajax)
Example: CRUD Products with upload an image and thumbnail creation
Examples of testing (SangarAuth Test, users test, categories test, products test).

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@jeremie-ges, have you tried something? – Sangar82 Mar 6 '13 at 11:08

With the following link, you can make your CRUD operations easier in codeigniter framework.

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Take a look at GroceryCRUD I think it will cover your expectations ;-)

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Hmm, yeah i know this great tool. But i'm looking for "scaffold" with low footprint ... :) – Jeremie Ges Feb 13 '13 at 22:42

I've found the DataMapper ORM for CodeIgniter to be very easy to work with.

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