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I'm trying to add a product ID to my invoice in WHMCS and nothing seems to be working. Here's what I have right now for that line of code:

<span class="title">{$LANG.invoicenumber}{*{else}{$LANG.proformainvoicenumber}{/if}*}{$invoicenum} - Service ID #{$invoiceitems.relid}</span><br />

This right here is specifically the part that I added in and isn't working:

 - Service ID #{$invoiceitems.relid}

When I run debug to see the different variables than be used it shows that {$invoiceitems} can be used to display items like this:

Array (2)
0 => Array (6)
  id => 1830
  type => Hosting
  relid => 801
  description => My Hosting Services - dsdjsjd....
  amount => $295.00 USD
  taxed =>
1 => Array (6)
  id => 1831
  type => PromoHosting
  relid => 801
  description => Promotional Code: FREETRIAL - $0.01 U...
  amount => $-294.99 USD
  taxed => 

What I'm trying to get is the number 801 so that the line displays like this:

Invoice #7691 - Service ID #801

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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{$invoiceitems} is the whole item array on the template page. So when you try to reach by {$invoiceitems.relid}, won't give any result because you need to get the item within {$invoiceitems} array by index and then you can reach that property called relid.

I think iteration within array will solve your problem.

{foreach key=num item=singleitem from=$invoiceitems}
   {$singleitem.relid} // here you can reach the property.
{/foreach }
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Add the following code after Invoice # :

{if $invoiceitems|@count > 0}
Service ID: #{$invoiceitems[0].relid}

May be you need to check $invoiceitems[0].type for being a domain or hosting be fore output the Service ID.

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