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I am hitting what should be a simple problem, but it seems all the solutions I am seeing are pretty complex, so I figure I should ask here.

All I need to do is print a premade bitmap image (5 inches x 5 inches) to an inject printer (which is a cd printer, but it looks like an inkjet to windows) in No dialog is needed, just want it to start printing the bitmap as soon as the program calls for it.

I made a class that could do this about 4 years ago but am having a hard time replicating my what I did back then, and the backups are missing for some reason. Its driving me insane to ask for help on a simple problem, but probably more crazy to keep banging my head against a wall.

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I think you need better google-fu:… - and I recommend using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your default printer while testing, if it's available on your system (you will get a dialog for where to save the file). – Andrew Morton Feb 13 '13 at 22:42
The problem isn't really creating the bitmap, thats been done already. All I really need is to print that bitmap to the printer. However every example I see online seems to have people printing their entire form, which to say the least is overkill. Basicly I have a .bmp file I want visual basic to print to an inkjet printer. – Robert Feb 14 '13 at 19:19
In what way was the link I gave lacking? You will of course have to set the page dimensions and any other relevant parameters appropriately. – Andrew Morton Feb 14 '13 at 20:57

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