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I use Visual Studio 2012 with .NET 4.0 (C#). Now, I have added a Image in the Xaml:

<Image Source="/PPPos.Common.Images;component/Application/Pos.jpg" Stretch="Fill" />

The Image Pos.jpg is included in the referenced Assembly PPPos.Common.Images.DLL as Resource.

Visual Studio 2012 gives me now the fallowing Exception in the ErrorList:

Error 2 Could not find a part of the path 'C:\PPPos.Common.Images;component\Application\Pos.jpg'.

But I can compile the Source without Problem and the Image will be shown when I run the Application. This is also new with Visual Studio 2012 - there was no errormessage in the ErrorList with Visual Studio 2010.

Has someone an idea, what there could be wrong?

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after long searching I found the solution

<Image Source="pack://application:,,,/PPPos.Common.Images;component/Application/Pos.jpg" Stretch="Fill" />

however I still do not know why this is the case in VS2013. Any explanation will be appreciated.

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Works for me if you prefix the Source value with the "pack://application:,,,", in VS2012 and VS2013. But I have reported this issue as a bug to the Visual Studio Team, because it is a new bad feature compare to VS2010, where you don't have to add this prefix. For behind compatibility the Visual Studio Team should fix it.

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