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I do not know why, but the (Android ADB) shell says no such file or directory when I compile with arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc without the -static option, and then attempt to execute the native executable. This is the no such file or directory you get when the shell knows the file exists at that path, but doesn't want to give the user permission to know the file exists. (e.g. you can check with chmod 4755 which returns no error message).

If I compile with the -static option then the program executes normally.

Why does this happen when compiling without the static option?

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It might be the problem with finding the helper for shared executables (/lib/ld-linux.so or something like that) –  Anton Kovalenko Feb 13 '13 at 22:49
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if you link statically everything the program needs will be built in. There are no dependencies to libraries on your device, so it will run perfectly. Bad is the size of this programming style (huge)!

If you leave out the -static your compiler assumes dynamic linking, but without some magic you link against (Linux)-glibc: crash! Search for "native C on Android" tutorial on the net, please. They explain all the (horrible) linker-stuff you nee to link against Android)-glibc aka "Bionic".

Good luck may the sources be with you Martin

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