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In Java, is it required to use thread wait() and notify() within a synchronized block?

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This question is confusing because if you are going to use wait() it must be inside a synchronized block, but if you are going to use a synchronized block it is not mandatory to have a wait/notify, which situation is the one you are asking about? –  ilcavero Feb 13 '13 at 23:14
When the threads need to pass data around, it’s not enough to say “don’t run on the same data while I am running” but each thread must tell another thread that “I have some data for you”. In this case we require thread wait and notify. So synchronized behavior is different from wain/notify –  intern Feb 13 '13 at 23:17

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No. Java will automatically ensure the marked section is entered by one and only one thread.


see also this question: java: wait(), notify() and synchronized blocks

Hmm.. seems to be some language issues.

You are not required to use wait and notify in a synchronized block, but if you want to use wait and notify, they must be used within a synchronized block.

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in short, yes. The thread must own the object's monitor before calling wait or notify.

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