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I have created the data set with some entities like Users, Media and their relationships. My file has auto indexing turned on for both nodes and relationships. I have also added an attribute 'type' to node_keys_indexable. However when I get the following error when running the following queries.

START user =node:node_auto_index(fn="Balaji") 
RETURN user.ln

Error: Index `node_auto_index` does not exist

I am new to neo4j. Appreciate any help.

Thanks and Regards Balaji

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@Josh the title is specific enough for the topic neo4j – ulkas Feb 14 '13 at 9:03
could you please paste your file, and the exact properties names your nodes have? than also please provide us with the output of this neo4j-shell console query: index --indexes – ulkas Feb 14 '13 at 9:07

did you add the nodes before you configured autoindexing?

Then you have to reindex your nodes, by for instance running a cypher query like this:

start n=node(*)
where has(n.type)
set n.type=n.type

This works well for small graphs, for larger ones you have to page it.

start n=node(*)
with n
skip 25000 limit 25000 
where has(n.type)
set n.type=n.type
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I had the same symptom. The problem was that I had misspelled the name of the index keys in the neo4j config. Check the nodes you have created have properties that match the keys in

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