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I'm a PHP programmer coming over to Rails and just can't seem to figure this simply Active Record call out. Basically, I have two tables, exchanges and markets. They are as follows:

class Market < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :date_created, :exchange_id, :market_name, :market_year

  belongs_to :exchange 


class Exchange < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :date_created, :exchange_name, :exchange_type

  has_many :markets


I want to retrieve all of the Markets, and in the same call, all of the exchange information about those markets.

In PHP, this would have looked like: "SELECT * FROM markets, exchanges WHERE markets.id>0"

All I can do is either select all of the Markets and then individually query to look up the Exchange information about each of those Markets:

market = Market.first
exchange = Exchange.where(:id => market.exchange_id)

There has to be an easier way. Does this make sense?

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If you want all the markets, including their exchange then do:

@markets = Market.includes(:exchange)

If you want a single exchange and all its markets then do:

@exchange = Exchange.includes(:markets).first
@markets = @exchange.markets

If you need to pass in the id manually then do:

@markets = Market.where("exchange_id = ?", put_id_here)

Here's some more info about eager loading associations in Rails.

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