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I created 2 filesystem on my system - XFS and EXT4 and mounted them.

On both the filesystem I executed a program which performed the following:
- Create large number of directories
- Removing all the directories

During the execution of the program, I monitored the %user and %system CPU usage (using sar command)

For EXT4 the %user was 1% and %system was 21%
For XFS the %user was 20% and %system was 52%

Going by the %system consumption, it was ok since for metadata operation EXT4 performs better than XFS and hence EXT4 had an lower %system.

But I am not able to understand %user consumption, since %user reports the CPU usage of the user level (application), shouldn't it be the same for both EXT4 and XFS?

What are the factors that decide the %user component keeping in mind that only the filesystem is different?

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