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I made a tabbar-based controllers with 5 tabs and at 1st tab, there's a button to call a modal view.

but when a modal view showed up, there's no tabbar on it.

How do I show a tabbar at that presented modal view ?

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If you'll call a viewController using presentModelViewController, it'll hide the tabbar of the application. You can use either of 2 way:

  1. Set navigationController in first tab and push anotherViewController (without animation if you don't wanna show push effect)
  2. Or as Sumit suggested add anotherViewController.view as subView on firstViewController
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For example if FirstViewController is the first viewController for your first tabbar, you should do like this:

[FirstViewController.view addSubview:theViewYouWantToShow];

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HotViewController.h / .m <-- 1st tabbar view SecondViewController.h / .m <-- the view controller that i wanna show on then I typed like this [self addSubview:SecondViewController.view]; then, error occurs, saying "property 'view' not found on object type of 'SecondViewcontroller' " what's wrong with that? How do I set the property of SecondViewController's view?? – Scott Lim Feb 14 '13 at 6:09
first you create your instanse of SecondViewController and then add by [self.view addSubView :secondviewvc.view] – Sumit Mundra Feb 14 '13 at 7:09

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