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So my parents aren't very trusting, and they think that unless they block the internet I'll stay up all night on it. This is not true, and being the rebellious teenager with an interest in computer science I am, I want to figure out how I can bypass this. It's blocked by MAC filtering, meaning I still have connection to the WiFi, but it doesn't load anything. I've tried changing my MAC to a random one, but that just kicks me off the connection all together. I've tried spoofing it as another MAC on the network that is permitted internet (Learned how to use NMAP to do so), but that just changes the WiFi status to "No internet access" and still doesn't load anything. I'm out of ideas, and Reddit's /r/Hacking gave up on me. I would greatly appreciate anything you guys have to say, as I am not knowledgeable on this and I want to learn more. I understand that my I should follow my parents rules and that disobeying them could have consequences, but I really just want to learn.

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Non-technological solution: legitimately earn their trust. Result: fewer restrictions and rules to circumvent. –  Alanyst Feb 14 '13 at 5:05

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During the daylight hours, you should look at your IP address, DNS settings and default gateway on your pc. Compare these findings to your details at night.

Try to ping your gateway at night and see if you can ping past it (IP address only, not FQDN).

If you can ping a public IP address, see if you can set that as your DNS server.

You could also look at installing some sort of virtualisation software on your computer and use a VM (in bridged mode) to run a squid proxy or something, then use that to gain browsing access from your pc.

These are all the things you could learn about :)

Alternatively you could just wait till your parents are asleep and reset the router to default settings using the hard reset button on the back of the router... but they will probably disconnect the internet completely if you try that.. I know I would.

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but they will probably disconnect the internet completely if you try that.. I know I would.----- I would do that too –  AlwaysThere Feb 14 '13 at 5:07
Okay, thanks now I have some stuff to start researching. I'm on my phone now (which oddly has Internet access), so I'll try pinging tomorrow and also install VirtualBox. Based off a quick Google search would a Squid proxy be a server I set up inside my virtualization that I can connect to outside of it for Internet? I'm not willing to mess with the actual router itself, out of fear of my web designer step-father finding out and disconnecting it like you said. –  Egrodo Feb 14 '13 at 5:18
You could probably just install a basic ubuntu box and install tinyproxy (much easier to configure ) using (apt-get install tinyproxy). Good luck. –  Rabbie Feb 15 '13 at 0:20

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